73-87 Novelties - Cartoons

Here are some cartoons/line drawings I have found in dealer brochures/manuals, old magazines, and on the web.  Great images for designing/photoshopping paint schemes, changing wheels, and anything else you can think of.  Clink on image to view full size jpg.

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Below are some cartoons drawn by Rob "The Toonman" Butler.  Rob is a fellow board member and a great artist, if you would like a print of any of these pics or are interested in having your own truck "cartooned", visit Sasquatch Artworks...you will not be disappointed.

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toon_78fleet_a.jpg (16210 bytes) toon_78_a.jpg (15289 bytes) toon_78front_a.jpg (13142 bytes) toon_78skirts_a.jpg (16516 bytes)


Here are a couple George Trosley comics featuring 73-87's.

Trosley_a.jpg (38757 bytes)


Some renderings I have come across in truck related magazines.  Want a rendering of your truck?  All these artist can provide one, for a small fee of course.