73-87 Chevy/GMC Pickup Information

This page consist entirely of information on our trucks.  I plan on having as much information as I can find, so please check back often for new updates.  

General Motors Photographs:  
This is a real treat!!  General Motors sent me these images for use on this website.  These are actual photographs taken by GM during the 1970's, some of which were even taken before the 1973 line even began to be produced.  This is one of my favorite parts on this website!
Assembly Line
Clay Models
Paint Schemes

Road Test & Articles:
These are some vintage road test articles, all of which I have found thru ought the years in various automotive magazines.  You will find road test for almost every year (and model) dating back to 1973 and up 'till 1987.
73-80 Road Test Articles
81-87 Road Test Articles
73-87 Circle Track Racing Article    

Vintage GM Advertisements:
Here are some vintage GM advertisements and postcards, as well as link to The Old Car Manual Project which is loaded with all sorts of vintage GM sales brochures.
73-80 Original GM Advertisements  
81-87 Original GM Advertisements  
Original GM Postcards
GM Brochures     
The Old Car Manual Project

Vintage Aftermarket Advertisements Featuring 73-87 Model Years:
Some older advertisements featuring various 73-87 GM trucks.
Aftermarket Advertisements

Miscellaneous 73-87 Information:
Some miscellaneous information pertaining to 73-87 GM trucks.
Miscellaneous Information   
1981, 1984 & 1985 Laserdisc
"Little White Race Truck" 

73-87 Differences:
Here are some articles that were created to help explain the basic differences between the 73-87 model years.   If you are wondering when a certain change was made, when a particular option became available, or want to learn more about the numerous trim levels GM offered, you may just find your answer here.   

73-87 Differences
73-87 Trim Levels

73-87 Engines, Transmissions & Emissions:
Some strictly pickup pages to help with the identification of your engine and transmission, and the years they were used.  You will also find VIN decoders and emission information, all of which should help you understand and learn a little more about your truck.

73-87 Pickup Numbers
73-87 Emission Levels

How To Buy a Used 73-87 Pickup:
Written and published by 4Wheel & Off Road-Magazine, a guide to purchasing 73-87 GM trucks.

How To Buy a Used 73-87

Box Style Basics:

The Advantages of Building a 73-87 Chevy, written by Travis Noack and published by Truckin' Magazine.

Square Body Revival:
The Reemergence of the 73-87 Chevy, written by Travis Noack and published by Street Trucks Magazine.

73-87 GM Information Packets:    
Here is a page with instructions on how to obtain a GM information packet directly from GM.

73-87 Information Packets