Chevy/GMC Wrangler's (Canadian Exclusive)


Here is another bit of valuable info by my favorite 73-87 encyclopedia, Ken Lewis, or you may know him by his message board nickname, KIILew.  I wish I had the literature he does.  This is what Ken posted on a message board about the Chevy/GMC Wrangler packages GM offered our friends up north.


It is indeed a Canadian-exclusive vehicle.  It was, to some extent, similar in concept to the Chevy Bonanza/GMC Royal Sierra packages (and later Sequoia Special discount pricing schemes) frequently seen here on U.S. market Chev's/GMC's.  Like those packages, several different Wrangler package "levels" were offered, and on a variety of vehicles, including C/K/R/V series vehicles and S10/S15 pickups.  The Wrangler packages were available, and so designated, on both Chevrolet and GMC products.

One major distinction, other than Canadian market exclusivity, separated the Wrangler concept from the Bonanza/Royal Sierra/Sequoia packages, however.  The Bonanza/Royal Sierra/Sequoia models offered essentially nothing other than a grouping of regular production options priced at a discount, and- -from '76 to '79- -substitution of appropriate nameplates in place of the "Scottsdale/Sierra Grande" plates found on equivalently trimmed standard issue pickups.  The Wrangler models, however, offered some very interesting features that were totally unavailable on non-Wrangler Canadian (and US) pickups, including special exterior decal and paint schemes.  They are truly unique vehicles, and, I would think, very desireable from a collector standpoint.  However, I don't think they are particularly rare, at least not in the Canadian population of '80's Chevy pickups, judging from what I have seen on visits to Canada over the years.

Here, as an example, is what was included in the various Wrangler packages (labeled "A, B, C, and D") offered for 1987 on R/V pickups:

Wrangler package "A" (offered on 10/1500/20/2500 fleetside pickups) included the following with a $250 cdn discount):

*Scottsdale/High Sierra interior trim
*Wrangler nameplates on the front fenders and instrument panel
*Wrangler hood ornament (an N.O.S. example sold on ebay recently)
*Bright wheel opening moldings
*Color-keyed headliner (a Wrangler-exclusive item, normally seen only on Silverado/Sierra Classic models elsewhere)
*choice of two paint treatments.  Standard treatment included monotone paint with a Wrangler exclusive color (colour?)coordinated 5-stripe upper body side decal. This decal ran the length of the vehicle, and included a stylized "W" at its termination point on the rear of the bed.  Or, for additional charge, a very distinctive Wrangler-exclusive two-tone paint treatment, could be purchased.

Wrangler Package "B" included the following additions or substitutions to those features in Package "A" above, with a $575 discount:

*Silverado/Sierra Classic trim (offering a choice of std. carpeting, or a Wrangler-exclusive combination of this trim with a rubber floor mat.  Also, the usual Silverado/ Sierra Classic lower bodyside moldings were deleted to accomodate either of the Wrangler-unique decal/paint treatments described above).
*Sliding rear window
*Ralley wheels for 10/1500's; full wheel covers for 20/2500's
*Stainless steel below-eyeline mirrors
*Wrangler-exclusive leather wrapped steering wheel

Wrangler Package "C" was offered only in combination with either "A" or "B" for C10/C1500 pickups and offered the following with a $600 discount:

*equipment necessary for maximum GVWR of 6,100 lbs, including 4 speed manual transmission with or without overdrive OR 3 speed or 4 speed overdrive automatic transmission, heavy duty power brakes, extra-capacity rear springs, P235/75R15 radial tires, heavy duty shock absorbers, heavy duty battery, and front stabilizer bar.

Wrangler Package "D" was offered in only in combination with either packages "A" or "B", and could also be ordered with or without package "C".  It was available on 10/1500/20/2500 series models, and offered the following for a $750 discount:

*Air conditioning
*Tinted glass
*AM/FM stereo radio with opportunity to upgrade
*Tilt steering wheel
*Interval windshield wipers
*Electric clock
*Electronic speed control (except when 4 speed manual overdrive transmission was specified)

Again, this listing is for the '87 line, and so there are some variations for other years, including with respect to exterior decaling and paint.  But this description, reflecting info included in Canadian '87 Chev pickup catalogue, gives you an idea.

I have some pictures of these models; maybe someday I will have the energy to figure out how to attach them.

Food for thought:  The Canadians enjoyed some really unique variations of '75 to '87 series Chev's, thanks to distinctions like the Wrangler packages, and engines largely unencumbered by emission tuning/controls- -including catalytic converters- -until the '87 model year!  And only in Canada could the buyer specify a 350 in a two wheel drive 1/2 ton pickup between 1981 and 1986!