Automotive Calculations

I hope you find some of these helpful.  I tried to include all of the ones I know of.  I know there is more but I haven't found them yet.  I'll put them up as I do find them.

Here are some that I found somewhere and have had for a long time.  These will help you figure your cubic inches and compression ratio.  There is also HP and Torque equations here.

Here is a site with some real good calculation programs.  By Bowling and Grippo.

Here are three calculatation programs that are on the same site to help in your conversions.  These are on 4x4 site so, when it asks for Transfer Case Ratio just put a 1 in the box if yours is a 2 wheel drive.

On-line Gear/Tire Size calculators.  By Mark Medina

A tire size calculator that has a graphic to show the difference in tire sizes.